One awesome day in Coorg

Small organizational tip. When you are a foreigner you face much more challenges to organize your trip. But I am sure wherever you are you want to explore …

Coorg's nature

Small organizational tip.

When you are a foreigner you face much more challenges to organize your trip. But I am sure wherever you are you want to explore more and to get to know the country you live in. There are a few things that you need to get startedip:

  1. Find funny people to come with you. It is always better when you have the right company.
  2. Select the place that you want to visit.
  3. Plan the duration of your trip.
  4. Choose responsible person to get arranged the logistics like transportation both ways and accommodation.
  5. Plan in advance. Especially if you are in India (like my case). The best option is if you arrange everything one week in advance.
  6. Be prepared for last minute changes

Now you are ready to go. Let me give you an example with my first and last trip in India.

We planned a trip to Coorg. A small city famous with its gorgeous nature, pork dishes (I know that foreigners living in India will be impressed by that fact.) and a big variety of temples.

We actually organized everything really fast. Friday evening at 10 pm we were at the bus station. All of us were super tired because of the traffic in Bangalore. It took us around 2 hours to reach there. So if you have to take a bus at that time just plan some more time. It was Purnima Travels’s  bus that we booked for Rs. 1000 round trip. So I recommend you using the same agency as the bus was super comfortable for sleeping and as we were traveling during the night it was not hot at all though if you need there were fans as well.

The only fact that we did not think over was the check-in time. Of course any hotel, guest house or whatever will not check-in someone at 5 am. A tip from me would be just to communicate this with your host. We realized that just in front of our guest house “Amma Holidays”. We had a great luck with our hosts who took seriously our situation. They reacted quickly and provided us a place to take a shower and to leave our luggage.

The perfect Day in Coorg

Adventure #1

Dubare Elephant Camp. We all were excited about the opportunity to ride an elephant and even the opportunity to get so close to them.For some of us it was once in a life time experience. You pay just Rs. 100 per head for 5 min ride.


Adventure #2

River Rafting. The name of the river is Cauvery and there a few amazing rafting places in the area of Darube Forest. The rafting duration is between 1h and 1,5 hours for the price of Rs. 600. Which ever place you choose it will be fun as the staff there know their job and they organize it really well.

Rafting on Cauvery river


Adventure #3

There is a really beautiful and peaceful Tibetan Golden Temple. Get prepared for that and go to the local Police station so that they can issue you a permission. Unfortunately we did not know that so they did not let us in. But my friends who are local got the chance to visit it and they recommend you to do so. After that you can hang around and taste the local cousine as there are many small cafes and restaurants. You will not regret doing that. Simply delicious!

Tibetan Golden Temple

So this is just one amazing and adventurous day in Coorg. If you spend some more time in planning and preparation you can explore even more. Wish you an awesome trip to Coorg.



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